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How Much Can You Make as a Cosmetologist?

Being a cosmetologist is a rewarding and exciting career. It's one where you can use your creativity to give your customers the look they've dreamed of. After they have left your salon, they feel like a million bucks, and so do you. Plus, you get to meet new people all day long. While being a cosmetologist has its challenges, you are impacting people in small ways that make a big difference. Now that we've mentioned some of the benefits of being a cosmetologist, you are probably wondering just how much they make.


CosmoTraining offers online cosmetology courses that will satisfy the Texas Department Of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) requirement for Cosmetology Continuing Education. Our cosmetology license renewal course is affordable, easy, and can be done at your convenience. Plus, we report your cosmetology CE completion to the TDLR within 24 hours. Below, we'll take a look at just how much a cosmetologist can make. Visit us online to get started today!




It's truly hard to answer this question since there are many factors that play a role in the income you can generate as a cosmetologist:


  • Experience and training. Like most careers, when you first start out, you begin at the lower end of the salary spectrum. This is because as you gain experience and more training, your skills improve and you can offer more services and charge more for these services to clients. For example, if you become a master stylist, you can charge more for the average haircut than others who do not have that training can.
  • Location. The standard of living makes a big difference in what you can charge for your services. For the most part, however, this equalizes because if the standard of living is high where you practice, then the extra amount of money you can charge goes towards your living expenses as well.
  • Place of employment. One of the many benefits of being a cosmetologist is that you can be self-employed. This offers the advantages of setting your own hours and working when you want to work. However, many cosmetologists choose to work for high-end resorts and day spas where they earn a good income as well.
  • Talent. Cosmetology is very much a creative, artist craft. This means that if you are really good at what you do and you build your clientele, you can earn considerably more than others. Plus, tips play a big role in your income, which can add as much as 20% more to your salary.




In the state of Texas, all cosmetologists are required to complete cosmetology continuing education requirements so that you can keep your license and continue practicing your craft. CosmoTraining offers cosmetology license renewal courses online. This makes it simple and easy to complete these requirements at your convenience. We will beat any competitor price by 15%. If you are interested, visit us online to get started today!

Date Created : 01/01/2021